Fun February weekend

This weekend was a great, fun filled and  relaxing one! Well spent with friends at the beach, shopping, cooking and enjoying the heat wave that took the east coast by storm!


Being in in the sunshine and by the sea is one of my most favourite places on earth. Watching the waves fold over and the crash down with might power is the only noise that sweeps my ears.


Friday me and my Swedish friend Gliddel bough some sushi and went for a Picnic on the beach at seaside park! It was beautiful to feel the summer sun on my skin!

every Friday is cheat day for us! We made hamburgers with lettuce wraps and sweet potatoe fries with Jen and Rebecka! Followed by chocolate melted strawberries!

Saturday is always a run day on the treadmill! 70secs of work followed by 20secs of rest x15! This is a killer! I headed home and me and my friend made some delicious blueberry protein pancakes! They were delicious!


1/2 cup oats

1 banana

handful of blueberries

whey protein powder (vanilla)

2tbls Greek yoghurt

Blend all together for pancake mix! Enjoy

In the afternoon I took some me time and went to the mall to do what every girl loves, SHOPPING! It was just what I needed!


This weekend was great! Hope there is more sunny weekends just like this one!


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