Future …….

I am a female footballer/ soccer and I have been living the American dream for the last 4 years in Connecticut. My career at Bridgeport University is almost over and I will be graduating this May. I am really excited for the future. My dream has always been to make it as a professional footballer and make my family proud of me.

I have options to return back to the UK and study and play for Durham Ladies and complete a part time masters as well as playing in the WSL. I am also flying to Malmo, Sweden in March for a tryout at LB07. They are in the Damallsvenskan. They top league in Sweden- I am really excited.

I have always wanted to play football, every day for the rest of my life, it brings me so much joy at doing what I love the most. In the back of my mind I know as a female footballer being a professional is not the equivalent of being a male processional, often females must hold down a part-time job to support themselves of the field. Therefore, a little voice in my head is telling me to further my education and make myself as marketable as possible for my career after my footballing career.

My second biggest love is travelling. Experiencing new places, taking in new cultures and learning about the rest of the world and how each country, race, community all have differences to mine. I think it is fascinating. So far I have been to America, Spain, Mexico, France, Poland, Turkey, Germany, Holland. I have a scratch map on my wall in my dorm room and it still looks bear to me. All these places I have visited have been a consequence of me playing football. Playing the sport I love and being on a very diverse college team in America, has enabled me to met so many cool people who have invited me to their home countries. I couldn’t be more grateful for the wonderful experience.

I also have the opportunity to potentially go to Rio,Brazil. My good friend and team-mate is working with the Brazilian footballing board of trustees as they look to set up professional leagues for females. This would be an amazing lifetime experience! Secondly, I have another summer training camp option in Lugano, Switzerland. They are inviting me for a month tryout and explore the surrounding area for a spot on their team – FF lugano.

Overall, I have lots of options and amazing opportunities. I am stuck between making the smartest choice for my future and going travelling for a year and then looking to study my masters.










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