Enlightment of the Universie

Every wondered if the Universe is trying to tell you something?  I believe that we all put on this earth for a reason. We all have a purpose to fulfil, achieve our dreams, and live our lives to the max. The universe has this  way of applying external forces similar to dream interpretations, and our subconscious mind that could be showing us our unfolding destiny.  Our personalities, actions, thoughts and feelings are all at sync with the universe to guide us onto our right path in life.

Everyone has a dream.

In a few months time I will have to make some very big decisions about the future. I have a wonderful opportunity at the University of Durham to play my beloved Sport and obtain a free masters degree at one of England’s top 3 universities. Also I could have the option to travel, explore Europe whilst playing football at a high level. I have a trail In March in Mamlo, Sweden. I am super excited.

The book…

Over the past week I have noticed little signs that have made me wonder…

I have started reading a book ( which I never ever do) called After you, by Joyo Moyes. On the second page discusses a young girl “who had never been to Sweden, I must go! ”  A few chapters later the character – Louisa was doing some background research on her previously passed boyfriend. She had found the he had once studied “at the university of Durahm” When I read this I just stared at the words and could feel the hairs on my arms stand up and a shiver up my spine.

Out of all the books in the world, why did this one jump out at me? I never read, I can’t remember the last time I read a book cover to cover. Maybe it is all  coincidental, but I am deeply intregged  from this book and I can not put it down. Maybe it was presented to my attention to help guide me to make the best decision.

Today Monday is when I have my senior capstone class. This class is about self realization and reflection upon habits that could denie us a successful future. Our weekly assignments have given out teacher enough information to show her the real us. She knows my story and who I am. She told me today to wait behind after class. She told me that she had a dream…

The Dream..

“Nicola me and you were walking around Buckingham Palace. It was magical we were inside looking at all this lovely art work. But we then got lost and ended up in the middle of London. I turned to you and said Oh Nicola I don’t know where you live, we must get you home.  I live in Durham”

My teacher told me that this dream showed to her that I had longed to go home after spending 4 years away from home living in America away from your loved ones. She explained that she intepreted her dream as a sign that i longed to go home to England to be close to my mother. She said that way your mum could be much close to you and visit you.

As I was listening to my teacher i could feel a strong wave of emotion arising from my toes up through my body. My heart was beating and I started to cry. The thought of seeing my mums face knowing I would be back in England brought my tears of joy. I was deeply moved.

Not only is she my mum but she is my best friend and role model. I need to take care of my mum and be close to her in the next few years of my life. I miss and love her everyday.






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