Phase 1 of spring off season completed! 

My soccer team is in off season and we have just completed phase 1 of off season this morning before spring break! 

  • Had a 7v7 tournament and I followed that off with a Friday leg day to get the weekend started! I followed this with a big brunch of protein filled blueberry pancakes – my favourite thing to eat after a hard workout! 

I amLooking to build lower body strength when I return from spring break! 

This will require:

1. eating enough calories to ensure the muscles to grow and feed on the protein. Using myfitness pal ( a great calorie counter)

2. Getting right balance between cardio and weight lifting 

3. Compound lifts with a goal to increase the weigh each week.

4. Having rest days and staying hydrated! 

I am 65kg  looking to reach back up to my natural weight of 70-72kg over the next few months! 



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