Its the little things in life

Having not blogged in while, I had a realization in the middle of a busy morning that had me rushing around. I went to the gym and left myself only 30 minutes to prepare my meals for the day and head to class. I cooked some chicken and made it with rice I had left over and walked to class.

I arrived early and I had 10 minutes to spare. The sun was shinning, it was the first day in a while that I had not needed to wear a coat. Bridgeport, CT was feeling summery. I saw a bench free outside the building I would have class. I sat there for a peaceful 10 minutes, took a deep breath as I could feel the sun on my skin – It felt amazing and brought a smile to my face.

In the hustle and stress of our everyday lives, just take 10 minutes to appreciate what is around us. This could be the sunshine, our friends, a family member or just realizing and appreciating our good health.

In two days time I take off to Malmo, Sweden for a football/soccer tryout. Taking that 10 minutes out of my day to sit and relax made me thing how lucky I am. I have an amazing opportunity

right under my nose. This could be the next chapter in my life and I couldn’t be more excited.





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